The KBA Way – System for Business Improvement & Growth







for overall Business Management

Plan,Do,Check, Act is a series of logical thinking and acting steps – proven for over 50 years to be the best route to controlling and improving the performance of any business or organisation.


Your High Level Aims, Objectives and Targets

  • Leadership of Management & Staff
  • Market position and Competition
  • Organisation and Key Processes & Resources
  • Performance Measurement & Improvement


Design & operate key systems & processes, manage resources according to the plan

  • Design of products & services to achieve planned objectives
  • Design & application of key processes & systems, consistently & efficiently
  • Allocation & management of resources (people, money, facilities) in support of key processes


Gather measures of key results achieved – and how processes are working

  • Design & apply results measurement practices for all key results areas (as in plan)
  • Observe & measure how well processes are working and how resources are used
  • Design & apply methods for analysing all key results information and reporting biggest “gaps”


Use the findings for “check” to decide on & implementing improvements

  • Analyse all “gap” information to determine priorities for change & improvement (results & processes)
  • Create & implement those priority improvement actions and reset objectives & targets
  • Revisit the existing Management Plans (strategic & other) and update accordingly


“I have never met a business owner that plans to fail but have met many that fail to plan “

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