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PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT System for business improvement & growth 

Allows you to get focus & clarity in your organisation and improve results.

Plan,Do,Check, Act is a series of logical thinking and acting steps – proven over more than 50 years to be the best route to controlling and improving the performance of any business or organisation. have added their own unique methodology  to enable any business or organisation to improve and grow using tried and tested methods.

High Level Aims, Objectives and Targets & Achievements

  • Leadership and Management & Staff
  • Market position vs Competition
  • Organisation and Key Processes & Resources
  • Performance Measurement & Improvement
  • Gap analysis 
  • Action Plans
  • Accountability 

PLAN:  set down the businesses key goals & targets and the management strategies required to achieve them 

  • Overall vision & high-level goals for the business (up to 10 years)
  • Specific key objectives & targets such as market position, financial results, customer satisfaction
  • Planned methods for high-level measuring performance & implementing improvements


 DO: design & operate key systems & processes and manage resources exactly according to plan

  • Design of products & services to achieve planned objectives
  • Design & application of key processes & systems, consistently & efficiently
  • Allocation & management of resources (people, money, facilities) in support of key processes

 CHECK: gather measures of key results achieved – and how processes are working

  • Design & apply results measurement practices for all key results areas (as in plan)
  • Observe & measure how well processes are working and how resources are used
  • Design & apply methods for analysing all key results information and reporting biggest “gaps”

 ACT: use the findings for “check” to decide on & implementing the most important improvements
  • Analyse all “gap” information to determine priorities for change & improvement (results & processes)
  • Create & implement those priority improvement actions and reset objectives & targets
  • Revisit the existing Management Plans (strategic & other) and update accordingly

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