Kent BA are pleased to be a sponsor for this years Kent Creative Awards in Margate

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Kent Creative Awards in Margate 2019


I am really pleased to announce that Kent BA will again be one of the sponsors for the Kent Creative Awards in Margate on 8th November.

Kent Creative (Kent Creative Arts C.I.C) is an independent cultural organisation based in Kent, They encourage, promote and celebrate arts and culture across the county.

Figures published by the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport show:-

The creative industries’ contribution to the UK is up from £85bn in 2015 and it is growing at twice the rate of the economy. The sector now makes up more than five per cent of the UK economy’s GVA.

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Karen Bradley said:

Britain’s creative industries play an essential role shaping how we are seen around the world but as these new statistics show they are also a vital part of the economy.

The sector is now one of our fastest growing industries and continues to outperform the wider UK economy. This is a testament to the talent and drive of its workforce and we are working closely with them to make sure this fantastic success continues.

I am delighted to see the sectors my Department supports contributing so positively to people’s lives and helping strengthen the economy, as we work to build a Britain fit for the future.

Why I sponsor Kent Creative

My passion for the creative industries has grown over the years. My claim to fame is that I was a DJ for many years. I love all types of music and saw the impact that music had on wide ranging audiences, I have played for thousands of people over the years and really enjoyed seeing them express themselves through music and dance, I still find music really emotional and moving and I enjoyed the challenge of being responsible for the audiences enjoyment as well as working out what to play and when to play.

Having worked with Nathalie at Kent Creative for a number of years I have always admired her passion and enthusiasm to get  Kent Creative established. I believe that the creative arts should be playing a much bigger role in helping to re-build local communities. We want to encourage local people, businesses, schools and other organisations  to meet up on a regular basis, forming small groups of artists, photographers, picture framers, writers and many other creatives so they get to know each other and start to work together.

I have always loved seeing people who can paint & draw, and this is something that I really wish I could do but alas no amount of practice will make me an artist. Getting involved with the creative industry has enabled me to meet and enjoy the company of a variety of creatives,  hobbyists and businesses owners who share a passion for the creative industries.

That is why I am pleased to continue supporting Kent Creative, an organisation that is working to help the creative industries to connect and achieve so much more by working together on local ideas and projects.




Bill Fox

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