Have you ever had any formal business training?


Before you embarked on your entrepreneurial journey did you get yourself some help, advice or training in how to run a successful, sustainable and profitable business?

In today’s complex trading conditions, it’s unlikely that just your raw skills will be enough to get your business to where it needs to be, who’s going to look after all the stuff that you don’t like doing or you are not sure how to do?

Budgets, Cash flow, Bookkeeping, HMRC, Debt collecting, Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Training, Managing, Customer service, Planning and so much more.

It’s important that you have a clear understanding of all that’s involved in building a profitable, successful and sustainable business.
Who will be looking after?

Health & Safety, Tax, Legislation, Legal matters, Insurance, IT, GD-PR, Infrastructure and future development

It’s important to be really clear on how you are going to make your business work best for you, focus on eliminating the chaos, creating predictable cash flow, building a winning team, systems and process your business so that it can if necessary work without you.

You don’t need to do extraordinary things to get achieve extraordinary results.

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Bill Fox

 Bill’s vision is to make Kent the best place in the World to run a business  A certified multi award winning International business coach and voted 1 of the top 10 SME business experts in the UK by Enterprise Nation  Founder of The KBA way system ™ for Business Improvement and Growth  Served as Branch and Regional Chairman with the FSB  Served as a National Councillor with FSB  A Kent Ambassador  Business Advisor at the University of Kent Hub for Innovation & Enterprise  Worked with Young Enterprise, Get Mentoring and IOEE Mentoring  Has supported hundreds of companies on all aspects of their business journeys EXPERIENCE: I started my business journey in September 2005 by becoming a certified business coach with the Worlds #1 business coaching firm. Since then I have helped hundreds of clients to achieved extraordinary results. I was trained by some of the best business coaches in the world during my induction in America where I studied and learned my trade. I am also a qualified emotional intelligence coach, again trained by one of the world’s leading emotional intelligence companies Roche Martin® MY BUSINESS: I started my business in 2005 having spent 30 years working for large blue-chip organisations where I gained a huge amount of experience running other people’s businesses, working with teams of people across multiple sites in Europe improving performance, Leadership & Management. I have a huge amount of experience that I can call on to help you and your organisation. TESTIMONIALS: Bill Fox helped get our business to where it is today. A happy, thriving, growing organisation. Bill and Kent BA provide practical and pragmatic assistance in terms of coaching and helping secure external funding. We recommend them strongly!" Data Management Company Bill has been an excellent coach, always supportive and encouraging. He has helped me think outside the box and explore options I hadn't even considered for my business. He tells it as it is and overall offers great support and advice for any new starter or an existing business in need of a boost. Thanks for all your help. Hand Made Furniture Company Bill is a great no nonsense guy that understands what it's like to run a business in the real world. You'll not get "fluffy" from Bill! You'll get great advice even if you don't want to admit it to yourself, he's invariably right! Damn it! He takes time to get to know you and your business and gives timely advice that you can grow & learn from. Thank you, Recruitment Company "Bill is thoughtful, considered and calm. He has a real-world experience and a measured approach. If you're looking for a supportive coach, Bill is your man." Community Volunteer Company Having been in business for over 20 years taking Bill on as my business coach was a difficult decision, working with Bill on my business for over 6 months now – I can certainly see the difference and wished I taken on a coach years ago. I’m working less and earning more and getting better results across the whole business." Blinds & Curtain manufacturer & Supplier

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