Business Coaching Services

Business Acceleration Programme

This programme is for those people who want to kick their business along and achieve real goals for the year. Your business is probably already experiencing steady growth. You have some solid ground work in place and you and your Team might eventually make it happen anyway.

Business Growth Programme

This programme is designed for those Business Owners who are determined to achieve significant growth in the next 12 months. Your business is probably already going well but you may typically need to rapidly expand your customer base, introduce a new product or find other opportunities

Business Building Programme

The type of business that most benefits from this program is a business with an owner who wants their business to implement the strategies for improvement detailed in their Business.

Business Foundation Programme

This program is designed for those small business owners or managers who know they want more out of their business but don't know how to get it. It's really for businesses which have just started, don't have the infrastructure to take full advantage of the more in-depth programs.

Group Coaching Programme

The sessions will be interactive, and activity based, where applicable, and the emphasis will be on learning by doing. Participants will be required to put relevant learning into practice in their business and provide feedback to the group on successes and challenges.

2 Day Business Success Academy Workshops

There's got to be a million and one ways to make money in this world and yet fewer than 3 in every 100 people ever learn or know enough to make a real go of it ... And, then there's business where less than 1 in every 100 business owners will ever create the wealth, lifestyle or success they're after

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