About Bill Fox

My Experience

I started my business journey in September 2005 by becoming a certified and independent business coach with the Worlds #1 business coaching firm. Since then I have helped hundreds of clients to achieve extraordinary results. I was trained by some of the best business coaches in the world during my induction in America where I studied and learned my trade. I am also a qualified emotional intelligence coach, again trained by one of the world’s leading emotional intelligence companies RocheMartin®

My Business

I started my business in 2005 having spent 30 years working for large blue-chip organisations where I gained a huge amount of experience running other peoples businesses. I have a huge amount of experience that I can call on to help you and your organisation.

ROI from coaching

Business Support

If you are looking for expert business support, help and guidance I can help you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. I can even recommend you how you can access to finance for your small business by recommending you: Access To Finance” best services that support businesses in Kent.

"I have never met a business owner that plans to fail but have met many that fail to plan "

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